Get Protected : Payments Covered.

Step into the world of Payment Covered — your ally during life's unforeseen challenges that may disrupt your car payment routine. Explore our innovative platform, presenting a distinctive solution that ensures you retain ownership of your car while your monthly payments seamlessly get covered.

  • Financial Stability

    Stay on Track: Life can be unpredictable, but with your car payments covered, you can ensure your credit score is protected and avoid vehicle repossession.

  • Retain Ownership

    Own Your Car: Unlike other solutions, Payment Covered allows you to still own your car without any additional debt or loans, ensuring you maintain your independence.

  • Build Equity

    Financial Growth: Keep money in your pocket as Fleet Hosts make your car payments, empowering you to maintain ownership and build equity in your vehicle.

  • No Upfront Cost

    Affordable: You can access the support you need through a simple application process without worrying about immediate financial obligations.

  • Professional Support

    Expert Assistance: Our team of dedicated professionals are here to guide you throughout the process, offering support and assistance to make your experience with us as seamless as possible.

  • Flexibility

    Choose Your Duration: Select from our flexible subscription options to match your specific needs, giving you the freedom you desire.

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